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What do you mean by "Better than New" - how can that be?

Old bike often have more Character and "soul" and are more likely handmade. 

Old bikes have the advantage of being proven in service under the rider the rider already know he will love the ride over the long term. 

Disappearing building techniques are often more durable. 

Steel frame are more repairable and adaptable than other materials and so can accept updated hub widths and braze-on configuration others cannot. 

An old bike gains resale value with age, new one loose value dramatically. 

Since custom finishing and modifications are available at CyclArt which are not available from most manufacturers, we can improve a bike. 

We stress relieve and perform more accurate alignments than most frames are built with.

Our finish quality is unsurpassed.  (Excuse my boasting!)

CyclArt has offered complete bicycle frame plating services since 1979.  Here are detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions about chroming: