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What is CyclTique?

A complete rebuild and restoration which is then artfully weathered and "patina-ed" to appear to be a very well cared-for original.  The extra labor in performing the "aging" of the newly refinished parts is often rewarded in the cost and time saved in procuring replacements for parts which could otherwise be cleaned and reused.  For example, original tires for a bike from the 1920's will look out of place if the rest of the bike is made to took new.  Replacement of those tires with new replicas of dubious accuracy would cost in excess of $300.  Replacement of authentic tires in like new condition may be impossible, or impossibly expensive.  Few of the other parts would be "impossible" to restore or replace to "new" condition.  We can rebuild the seat with correct stitching, leather and logos, we can re-nickel all the bright parts weld or machine damaged components and necessary and paint in a very high quality authentic style.

Typically, costs on such projects, either "better than new" pristine restoration or "CyclTique" old looking restoration, are about $1,500 for $2,500. Story Links