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Here is a "quiz" that can help you decide what to do:

Select the most appropriate from each of the following three groups then add the number of each option together to get a recommendation. 

Is your bike:
1. Rare, with provenance and very high value
2. Rare & interesting with high value
3. Popular classic with good value 
4. Common with moderate value
5. Unpopular or low value

Consider it’s condition:
1. Near perfect original
2. Slightly blemished
3. Poor condition
4. Unsatisfactory refinish
5. Significant rust or damage

What is your intention?
1. Preservation 
2. Resale
3. Vintage show bike or museum display
4. Use with display or resale a possibility
5. Extend useful life of frame, authenticity not a concern
6. Upgrade or customize

Add your choices up.  Scores will fall from 3 to 16.  Find your number in the options below for a recommended option and cost range:

Score   Recommendation             Approximate cost

3 to 5    Preservation  services         $ 50 to $150
5 to 8    Touch-up                               $ 75 to $350
7 to12  Accurate Refinish                $200 to $1200
11 to16  Custom, Simple to Wild   $130 & up